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Digital Forms Everywhere is an online storage and access facility to load and access forms, for use by businesses.

Build your own custom forms using our drag & drop form builder, to build inspection, audits, checklists, timesheets, or any other form as a copy to what you already use without the need of excessive training, or save even more time to get started by using of the form recreation service.

Create reports where addresses can be added directly to the form, use images from a PC or take photos with any smart device to embed in any pdf, add a signature or calendar module if needed.

Remove the time processing paperwork, unbusy your business,
so you can get on with growing your business.

Generally, paper forms are used to generate records needed for HR, Tax, Workplace Health and Safety, Insurance, and basic administration, with each year more information has to be recorded, businesses can struggle, trying to cope with paperwork that is generated by any business trying to function efficiently.

Having been a business owner, and later in life working within Government, I have watched people struggle with the amount of paperwork that business has to deal with while trying to get on with business, and I know that paperwork can be a pain in the arse.

Technology can help business owners or companies manage the recording of information by using digital records, allowing for easy storage of information without increasing the administration workload.

Customise Digital Forms Everywhere to suit your needs

Using the free App allows for those with company phones to get started without delay once the user has been assigned a form to use. Users are required to establish a user account with the Owner’s account to allow for access to be able to use the App.

Using the App also means that you can use forms or obtain coordinates when mobile data is not available, the form submission is temporally stored into the phone and is uploaded as soon as an internet connection is available.

Using the App to work in remote locations without an Internet or mobile data connection. Control the data processing by downloading a CSV file of all form data to create charts and reports control external web browser forms with tracking and one of use to ensure the security of the information supplied.

Control staff access with different role privileges to ensure any legal concerns, with firms only assigned to those that need them, no more managing different versions, if a form is edited then all Users will be using the new form.

Easy to Use

Free App

Accuracy Assured

Staff Management

There are many digital form programs available, unlike many other digital form services, we don’t charge per user, or submissions, we use form slot packages,  and there is a free App for use to save time for processing those forms allowing more time to attend to other business needs.

Using Digital Forms Everywhere has saved me about 2 hours a day on dealing with how we operate, now I can concentrate on spending that time to grow my business knowing that information I receive from my guys is easier to record. The time-stamped records and the information within each PDF is very helpful when dealing with other aspects of the business.
Doug – Top Property Services

Managing staff training and ensuring that work procedures and safety is now ever so easy. I always wanted to do things better, though the cost would be a big factor, I am glad I was introduced to Digital Forms Everywhere It has proven useful in more areas than we initially thought by providing reference documents for the technicians quickly.
Neil – Bosch Service Centre NDM

I no longer send out a 3-page word document attachment to an email for my new customers, I simply send them a link to the forms they need,  they fill out their requirements and provide me the information I need to service them. I get the secure form as a PDF ready to save into my record system, no more scanning.
Savanah – Retirement Solutions

Digital Forms Everywhere can create QR Codes for those forms that are needed to record information multiple times, this allows for a site-specific form for visitors or for other records.
Information to act as a reference for a procedure, or step-by-step instructions can be displayed quickly and easily to save time by having information at the operator’s fingertips, this is especially important if the information is only needed occasionally.
Reporting and recording can easily be achieved to ensure Workplace Health and Safety, HR and many administration tasks.

Some things are meant to be simple, don’t overcomplicate them.


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