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Affiliate Marketing without an upfront cost

Get paid recurring income for referring clients by becoming an affiliate.

The Digital Forms Everywhere service is currently only available in selected countries, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, the United Kingdom, & United States of America with more countries coming online soon, Digital Forms Everywhere offers the opportunity for Affiliate Marketing without any costs.

Digital Forms Everywhere was built for smaller businesses to provide a low-cost product that can greatly enhance business operations by saving time and money, being totally online it is a great way for those that are actively involved in affiliate marketing or those content creators looking to make money by referring their audience to products and services.

The affiliate program works by giving the content creator a link with a unique code that they can share with their audience. When someone clicks on this link, they will be redirected to the service’s website.
If they then establish their subscription account a commission will be paid on all monthly subscription payments linked to the affiliate code.

  • On registering to become an affiliate a tracking URL is generated
  • When the URL is used it will also load a 30-day tracking cookie.
  • If 2 or more Affiliate’s URL is used and the Customer starts a subscription then the latest tracking cookie is used to assign that customer to that affiliate.
  • Only 1 affiliate can be associated with any customer
  • Should a customer register not using an Affiliate link it is deemed the customer to have made direct contact via the website & is not associated with an affiliate.
  • Additionally, banners and animated gifs are available for use by any affiliate.


Affiliates Payments are made on all paid Subscriptions within the current month prior to 12.00pm AEST on the 23rd of that month, and after this time and date are paid in the next monthly payment schedule.

A report is generated on the 24th of the month, all payments are recorded and a report is emailed to the referral agent

50% of all payments not including the 10% GST, Administration or the costs of SMS transactions received by the 12.00pm AEST on or before 23rd will be paid as identified by the Affiliates identifying code.

The affiliate can raise any issues regarding the monthly report via email or direct contact within 24 hours of receiving the monthly report, to allow for any adjustments needed.

Affiliate payments are made on the 26th – 28th any payment adjustments not completed by the normal monthly transfer if required will be adjusted in the next scheduled payment.

Commission payments are by EFT to an Australian Bank Account, outside of Australia other payment methods can be arranged, using a variety of money transfer companies.
Any bank fees or transaction fees charged to Digital Forms Everywhere in transferring affiliate payments will be deducted from the next scheduled payment.

There are slightly different trading set ups depending on the country that is dependant on which country the customer is in, these do not affect the commissions.

More information for Australia click here      More information for the USA click here

If you need more information on becoming an Affiliate use the form below.