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Get paid recurring income for referring clients.

When a customer registers, they enter your referral code in the partner code field

Referral Payments are made on all paid Subscriptions in the month prior to the 23rd

We run a report on the 24th of the month, all payments are recorded and a report is emailed to the referral agent

50% of all payments not including the GST or SMS transactions received by the 23rd will be paid as identified by the partner referral code

The referral agent can raise any issues regarding the report by the 25th of the month, via email or direct contact.

Referral payments are made by EFT to an Australian Bank Account on the 26th  – 28th outside of Australia other payment methods will be arranged, any bank fees will be deducted from the next payment

Referral Payments are made on all paid Subscriptions in the month prior to the 23rd

Any payment adjustments if required will be included in the next payment

The steps to get started.

Submit a request for a Partner Code

You will then receive an email with the Referral Payment Agreement

On acceptance and return the Referral Payment Agreement

A partner code will be issued

Create a Plan 5 Account using your partner code once received

Then proceed to work on referrals ensuring that your Partner Code is entered on registration

Over time as your referrals increase so does your payment, once the customer has established their subscription, we do the work to support, train, and respond to any questions the customer may ask.

Become An Affiliate

Complete the form below to register as an affiliate and receive your partner code.