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Remote Areas Safety

Digital Forms Everywhere can be used by human resources for managing employees and their respective needs, one vitally being safety.  The location tracking feature can be utilised for recording the activities of staff and provide a notification of their whereabouts when leaving an area where mobile data is not available. 

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Field Staff Safety

Field staff members are relied upon to follow principles in each and every step they take. From start to finish, we need to log an accurate and adaptable document showing where we’ve been and what measures we’ve taken to be safe there.  Digital Forms Everywhere is an integrative, product for

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Vehicle Accident

The process of filing the paperwork when insurance claims have to be made is not an ordeal to be ill-equipped. In the chance of an accident, governing the correct information is a powerful way to ensure clarity and maintain judicial fairness on the road and off. Using Digital Forms Everywhere

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Delivery Records

Are you managing your deliveries correctly? One of the fundamental aspects of client loyalty and satisfaction is providing shipments punctually, efficiently, and securely.Digital Forms Everywhere has implemented a straightforward response to the web of delivery management. Digital Forms Everywhere’s software reduces confusion and boosts clarity. Efficient tracking and delivery confirmation through

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Warehouse management and safety

Managing a warehouse requires a dynamic set of leadership skills, creative problem-solving, and dedication to detail. Three ways Digital Forms Everywhere is an asset to logistics:1) Digital inventory by intake and outtake forms,2) Safety maintenance in forklift inspection,3) Employee information archiving. We need to communicate well and track deliveries to

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Pilot Checklist

 Pilots go through a series of checklists every time they take off and land, why? Because the operation of an aircraft is one of the most dependable and precautionary occupations in the world. Although they have been sitting in the same seat for thousands of hours, have flown the same

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Electrical job safety

Managing a project requires leadership, ongoing communication, and creativity. Those overseeing a crew of skilled electricians and workers know that reporting and tracking time, work, and labor is an essential task to a smooth operation. More importantly, the mantra of “Safety comes first” is quite often ignored. A clear safety

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Lawn Care

The upkeep of a clean and beautiful lawn is an art. Whether this is your personal property or the grounds of a golf course, a clear and informative system can help immensely in the maintenance of the flourishing of a healthy lawn. Digital Forms Everywhere gives companies and managers an

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