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Electrical job safety

Managing a project requires leadership, ongoing communication, and creativity.
Those overseeing a crew of skilled electricians and workers know that reporting and tracking time, work, and labor is an essential task to a smooth operation.

More importantly, the mantra of “Safety comes first” is quite often ignored.

A clear safety checklist demonstrates that the company is up to code. 

Digital Forms Everywhere helps skilled workers complete their safety checklists with ease.
The software allows managers to report and certify the safety of the installation, maintenance, and monitoring of electrical systems. 
Digital Forms Everywhere is an asset to accelerating a dull or monotonous task. Our job is to help workers have more time for their jobs. See more details on our website.

Users can complete forms on mobile, and share them with clients and stakeholders easily

Track and timestamp work dates and locations.

Consolidate details in compelling and productive presentations.
Having QR Codes on switchboards that when scanned can display any warnings or elements that are connected and could be affected by any shutdowns.