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Getting the best out of our machines

Long and careful hours have gone into the fabrication of your machine. Not only the assembly, but the design, craft, and philosophical upbringing to structure it. What is the purpose of its usefulness in real settings? What is its cost? To buy? To maintain? One disappointing trend in today’s capitalist world is obsolescence. Planned or not, it’s damaging the way we view our products.

To avoid buying new items it’s important we take care of what we already have. Digital forms can help achieve this excellence in maintenance with easy-to-use tracking sheets that can be applied to several things in machinery and motor-function maintenance:

       Instructions: Specific instructions for each procedure help ensure every operator is utilizing the equipment safely, and correctly.

       Pre-Start Inspection Records: Facilitates the inspection procedure by clearly laying out machine parts and motors. Especially helpful if this document highlights what common incidents could occur, and what commonly wears down the machine fastest.

       Parts Maintenance: Lists each part and its use, and when / why it may need to be replaced.

       Safety Information: Basic guidelines are not to be overlooked. Having the safety information nearby and visible prevents tons of accidents and breakdowns.

       Breakdown Procedures: In the event of a stall or breakdown, these procedures should be immediately available for reference. Scanning this document will instruct the operator how to safely shut down and avoid further damage to the machine.

While the logging and information tracking of machinery might be tedious, it saves us lots of money, and time, and furthermore reinvigorates the workplace with strong principles. Operators should take pride and care in their machines. Our designed machinery has helped us in so many ways, expanded our visions, and helped craft some of the best things on the planet. 

When we look at the Roman Ruins, we’re reminded of the results legendary care and craftsmanship can yield. It’s time to get the best out of our machines, our jobs, our roles, and our life.