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Remote Areas Safety


Digital Forms Everywhere can be used by human resources for managing employees and their respective needs, one vitally being safety. 

The location tracking feature can be utilised for recording the activities of staff and provide a notification of their whereabouts when leaving an area where mobile data is not available. 

Specifically for organisations with employees in field / remote positions, DFE utilises GPS, timestamping, and automatic alert systems to monitor staff leaving and returning to provide a safety system for out-of-service work. 

Our aim is to make communication between the office and staff easy, open, and completely headache free. 

With this load lifted on our shoulders, we can focus and breathe on the job at hand. 

Saving time filling out paperwork or making document changes is assimilated into the most straightforward task. Automated software from Digital Forms allows for higher levels of productivity and safety. We keep our employees in mind– empowering them with the most advanced tools that are easier than ever to use.