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The Paper Trail: How E-Documents can revitalise environmental plans

Our ecosystems are vast, intricate, and wondrous. They are, in many ways, more important than anything else. As anyone involved in the science and study of natural habitats knows, environmental communication is vital to keeping our world fresh and biologically diverse, flourishing, and full of life.


Data collection, sharing, tracking, and record-keeping! Everything from plants, animals, and weather, to structures, culverts, park amenities, or other man-made stations placed deep in nature should be tracked and kept carefully. These are key to managing environmental efforts, and our lands, people, and future people deserve this respect too.


With sophisticated software coming out today, it should no doubt be applied to environmental management. One of the main benefits of digital forms is organisation. With forms that are editable, shareable, and efficiently networked, our projects interacting with nature can be run much more smoothly, and robustly.

Creative doors can open when everyone is on the same page. Here are some other uses we foresee the environmental management industry taking on with digital forms:      

Data Collection for current and future stakeholders: Data helps us track and predict the state and health of our eco-systems, with this knowledge, managers (present and prospective) can make informed decisions on how to support environmental concerns, ultimately leading to better solutions. 

Plans and organisation charts:
Straightforward. Keeping clear plans intact and shareable, easy to edit, and having a visual representation of the steps we need to take to approach our projects the best way with optimised use of time and resources.

Safety for employees and the public: Updating a safety chart is important in keeping not only our people but our environmental areas protected from hazards, downfall, or disasters. A strong presentation of risk management should be accessible to all key staff.

Maintenance: Humans have implemented a ton of structures in the environment: culverts, taps, pipelines, weather towers, shelters, signage, and on E-Documentising these with geographic coordinates offers completely revitalized maintenance potential, and furthermore, prevents damage before it ever has the chance to occur.


Digital Forms Everywhere unique coordination recording via the App even when mobile data is not available, connect a Garman location enhancer via the phones Blue Tooth and get better accuracy.